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The volume of fixed-income instruments traded electronically on the world's financial markets has soared since 1997, spurred on by the rising number of specialized institutional investors who require access to more offerings, more information, and better prices.
In response to these demands, in January 2003 SIF ICAP introduced SIPO to the market. SIPO is a pioneer in the development of the electronic market for institutional investors.
SIF ICAP is the leading financial brokerage company in Mexico . It has the support of the Mexican Stock Exchange, with state-of-the-art technology and the best team of professionals. ICAP is considered the largest brokerage house in the world in terms of its equity, and it has a prestigious 25-year history on the international markets.
As a service provided by SIF ICAP, SIPO has the institutional support and experience necessary to offer quality and cutting-edge technology to its clients.