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  • Includes al notes and banker's acceptances issued by private and development banks. These instruments can also be traded as a "mix" (groups of instruments accepted throughout the market): AAA, P8, X8 and X12, or "natural", meaning only one type of instrument is specified. G. - Banker's acceptances. I. - Bank promissory notes

  • All instruments issued by the federal government.These can also be traded as a "mix": G1, G1I, G2, G2I, G2*, G2*I, or "natural": B – CETES, BI – CETES with taxes, IP –BPA 28 day bonds, IT –BPAT 91 day bonds, LP – BONDES 91, LS – BONDES 182, LT – BONDEST 91, M0
  • TF 10 year bond, M3 –TF 3 year bond, M5 –TF 5 year bond, M7 TF 7 year bond, PI Pic – Faracs, S0
  • UDIBONO 10 years, S5 – UDIBONO 5 years y XA –BREMS bonds.
    • Includes instruments issued by government, bank and private entities.May only be traded as "naturals": medium-term notes, government and commercial securities certificates, commercial paper, CD's, bonds and ordinary certificates of participation.

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